Monday, August 1, 2011

First Day on the Job

I was 3/4 of the way to work and I realized that I forgot my badge. So I turned around and started driving home, calling Sarah on my phone to try and get her to find my badge and get it to me. At first my thought was, "Ok, if she picks up she can just bring it to me in the parking lot since I left super early for work and she'd be able to get there in time." Then it became, "Ok, she can meet me at the gas station just off the interstate." Then it was, "Ok, she can have it for me at the door." Twenty times I called her and she never picked it up because it was in another room, the ringtone is quiet and she was asleep.

I got home and was freaking out. I got my badge and started driving back to work. I called work to let my boss know that I'd be 10-15 minutes late. She explained that it was ok and that on her first day she got in a wreck. After that call, I called Sarah and apologized for freaking out in her direction. I got to work, was shown around (there's a ping pong table!) and settled in to begin orientation/training.

None of my passwords or permissions were set up yet. So I began training with the senior statistician. There's SO much to learn. There are so many acronyms to learn that I made a vocabulary list. My group went to lunch at Larry's Pizza. Even by the end of the day my stuff wasn't set up, so I did some reading on paper that I could do. Then at five o'clock I went home. I changed clothes and went to go tutor.

It was a pretty long day.