Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autobiographical update: Work and Life

Work has been going pretty well. Last week was somewhat stressful dealing with a couple issues and getting ready for the guy who trained me leaving. It appears that the majority of the job is going to entail SQL (which I'm only just learning now, but it's easy) and Microsoft Access usage and debugging. The main challenge will be figuring out where things are, which files to look in, and if they've been done before in a way that I can adapt to what I'm asked to do. I think everything will be fine though.

The director of my division wants me to bring in anyone I know that could help, and I'd love to and certainly plan to. What's holding me back is that I don't feel like I could/should train someone right now. Maybe in 6 months or around the end of the school year I'll see if I can bring some people in. I'll probably contact my statistics professor at UALR to see if any of the graduating students are interested.

In other news, Sarah and I have signed a lease for a new place (Google Maps). It's 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and is super cute on the inside. It has plenty of room for everything we need/want. It's in North Little Rock in the Park Hill neighborhood, which will be so much nicer to live in than where we are now and we won't have kids walking through our lawn all the time. It has a nice screened in porch on the front and fireplace in the living room. The walls are actually colors, they aren't all off-white, it's awesome.

I'll be much closer to my work, but Sarah will be much further away from hers. However, she's applied for a full-time position at the main branch in downtown Little Rock which if she got would make her commute so much nicer.

Lastly, since I finally have a full-time job. Wedding planning can begin in earnest. We're currently looking at Spring of 2012.

Overall, we're both very happy right now.