Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Adventures in Amateur Game Design, part 9: Warrior Abilities

I had been having a roadblock with designing the abilities for each class because the idea of designing 10 abilities for each spec as well as the 5 options for each spec was daunting. It would have made be design a grand total of 60 distinct abilities for the warrior and for the rogue, which is damn near impossible. I since realized that I should do 5 basic abilities and 5 choices, which works out to something new every other level.

Since making that decisions, it became much easier to do. So what follows is a list of the basic abilities that I have for the warrior (not including the magic abilities that they get to choose). Abilities are usable a certain number of times per combat/day/other time period.

  1. Shield - Main spec ability - Counter Attack: After a failed attack, the warrior gets a free attack on the attacker (usable a certain number of times per encounter)
    1. Cautious Attack: A more conservative attack that gives the player greater defense for the next round
    2. Toughen Up: The warrior gets some temporary HP that will absorb some of the damage taken for X turns.
    3. Shield Bash: An attack that knocks back the the attacked a short distance and gives them an initiative delay.
    4. Protect: The warrior can sometimes take a hit instead of an adjacent friendly target
    5. Undecided
  2. 2-Handed - Main spec ability - Overpower: A more powerful, more likely to succeed attack that debilitates the target the next round, subtracting from their die rolls.
    1. Leg Sweep: An attack that knocks the target down on the ground, reducing their defenses until they use a move action to stand up.
    2. Cleave: Sometimes when the warrior downs an opponent, he gains an extra attack against another opponent.
    3. Bleed: An attack that is focused on the major arteries intended to cause the opponent to bleed out more quickly, taking damage over time.
    4. Cripple: The warrior attacks a part of the body, intending to disable it. Either an attack or movement penalty is applied to the opponent.
    5. Undecided
  3. Dual Wield - Main spec ability - Flurry: The warrior sometimes gets to take extra attacks this turn.
    1. Bloodlust: after taking or dealing damage, the warrior can take a defense penalty for an attack bonus for a certain amount of time.
    2. Frightening Presence: The warrior scares all the opponents nearby, giving them die roll penalties.
    3. Crashing Leap: The warrior leaps and upon landing deals damage to all nearby enemies.
    4. Whirlwind:  The warrior spins and attacks all opponents adjacent to the warrior.
    5. Undecided