Friday, August 26, 2011

Beat Train Lolicon

Wednesday's Penny Arcade posited that the perfectly designed video game could save the XBox 360 for Japan. The game they came up with was Beat Train Lolicon. I believe that I may have come up with an incredible idea for how that game would work.

It's clearly a dating sim crossed with a train sim crossed with a music game. Specifically, I imagine it as a Catherine weird dating sim starring a some young guy who's a train conductor by day and a clubber at night. He always wears headphones around his neck, and only brings them up to his ears when he conducts the train. Character design by Tetsuya Nomura.

During the train driving portion of the game, the visuals transform. The train sections have amazing variety and design just like El Shaddai. The gameplay is a rhythm game as the main character uses the music to get into his train driving. Accurate play makes you arrive at your destination more accurately, because the trains in Japan must be on time. To enhance the El Shaddai-esque visuals, the music changes the visuals in a very Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Rez sort of way.

When performing well in a particular train driving section, the character will spout off catch phrases like "In the groove!" and "On the right track!"


In short, Tetsuyas Mizuguchi and Nomura bring you a dating sim/train sim/music game with inspiring, trippy, bright visuals that react to the music.