Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The House that is no more

Ever since my junior year of high school, my parents were looking for somewhere else to live. We would have bought this one house that was on Colonel Glenn Road, but we couldn't get a good enough offer on our current house in order to justify the move. They tabled the search until my freshman year of college, when they purchased some land out around Cabot (technically it was in Austin, AR) that had a double-wide trailer on it, with the intention of selling off the trailer and building a house, which they did.

By fall of my sophomore year, our current house had been sold, the new house was in the design stages, and what wouldn't fit in the trailer was in storage units. My parents, since they still worked in Little Rock, were not living in the trailer. They were staying with a friend who lives in Jacksonville. However, come Christmas break, there was nowhere to sleep in the friend's house, so I lived alone in the trailer for the month, with occasional visits from my parents or maybe just the dog.