Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fail group is fail

Last night I was bored so I jumped on my priest and put myself in LFG for the Nexus and Utgarde Keep. I got a group for the Nexus and went in. The tank was a level 80 druid, there was a 71 Hunter and a74 Death Knight, and I made 4.

Overall the run wasn't so bad. The incoming damage on the tank was pretty weak, however, no one knew how to do the fights. Did the druid attack the rifts on Anomalus? No, he wasn't even particularly concerned with picking up adds either. Did people get out of the way of the spikes on Ormorok? No. Did the hunter let Keristrasza stack Intense Cold up to 9 stacks? Yes. Did the hunter go AFK so long that his character sat down and the game set his status to AFK? Yes.

Despite how stupid the group was, there were no wipes, due to the level of the tank and my panicking. I got 3 pieces of loot from the run. The off-hand book from Anomalus, a BOE Blue Robe from a trash drop, and the Caster Ring from Keristrasza. The Hunter, who was mad that he hadn't won anything in the run, tried to ninja the ring out from me, but failed.

Fail group is fail, but at least I got some good stuff out of it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Further notes my standard UI.

Bar Mods, HAH!

For awesomeness purposes I have my entire bottom left extra action bar mapped to keys

It goes like this

Shift+1->6 for the first 6 buttons, 'f', 'g', Shift+'f', Shift+'g', The F6 and F7, which covers all of the 12 buttons on that action bar. I additionally, my mouse is set up so it's side buttons send in F6 and F7 commands. So all of the buttons are easily reachable.

Pressing shift and a number is easy enough for me. I have long been a fan of keyboard shortcuts for use in regular computer and browser use, so I'm very used to using my keyboard for things other than typing words. I use this across all of my characters, and it works phenomenally well for me. I keep my major actions on 1->6 and Shift+1->6. Mostly using the 2->4 and Shift+2->4. This leaves my ring finger left free for any movement I need to do. I keyboard turn only in situations where it doesn't matter how fast I move, like in town.

The other buttons are usually emergency buttons.

This monster is out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's funny, when I tried tanking on my death knight, I never really got the hang of it. I even outleveled an instance and just couldn't hack it. On my druid however, it just comes naturally. Granted, I have been doing it since level 40 or so. Anyway, I've had people add me to their friends list as a competent tank and it feels good. I want to push to 80 and tank some raids, yo. Anyway, I'm 74 now, I recently tanked Azjol Nerub and Ahn'kahet. It was pretty cake.

I hope I get as good at Healing.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Character Update

It's been a long time since I've said how my characters are doing, mostly because nobody knows about this so why bother to say.

My Warrior, Weslocke, is no 59 and is in Outland, ready to kick ass. He's still specced Prot, and his levelling partner is a Demonology Warlock.

Spear, the DK, has been respecced to plain old DPS since I had a failed tanking experience. He's level 76 now.

Tauf has cleared Naxxramas and has beaten Flame Leviathan, but then the guild has kinda fallen apart and real life stuff and other characters have kept me from getting him further. He's still specced Elemental, and has a resto offspec.

Jainne, my 72 priest, is mainly shadow, but also Holy. She's also stagnated. Sometimes I just log her in and offer to heal things, but that's it.

The lowbie druid, Gryllz, is now a highbie druid. He's 73 and has a Feral Tanking spec and a Resto Healing spec. He's teamed with a mage and is leveling through Northrend and runs every instance. He tanked Azjol-Nerub earlier today and performed amazingly.

I'm hoping to get all of these to 80, probably Gryllz and Jainne first.