...the blog:
Taufmonster's Log is a personal blog. I say this because it contains any and all things that I want to write about that I feel I can write in a way that may be compelling to others. There are certain themes that permeate in my writing and that would be: mathematics/statistics, programming, and video games (particularly World of Warcraft). The likelihood that I will talk about a given topic correlatate positively with how many of the above topics it lies at the intersection of. You will likely not find guides or reviews, although I will talk about the impressions that something has given me. There may actually be guides, but probably only about niche topics.

I have been a game player all my life. Although I've typically eschewed the physical, competitive games typically known as "sports", I've spent a great deal of time in digital games. I'm also quite the fan of board games. Since the summer of 2007 I've spent a great deal of my game playing in World of Warcraft and you'll definitely find that much of what I write about concerns it.

Apart from video games I have a tremendous love for mathematics, particularly probability and statistics. Much of my employment in the past has had to do with teaching mathematics. Give me time and I can explain so many things to you. I can tell you the average location of cards in your Magic: The Gathering deck. I can tell you about the probability and statistics of the dice rolls in Risk and how they affect your strategy. I can explain to you why it is that to find out if a number is a multiple of three you add the digits together and check if that sum is also a multiple of three. I can also tell you that there is a divisibility rule for sevens and about how it's too complicated to be practically viable. I'll talk your ear off about the demographics of World of Warcraft players. I'll talk to you about the problematic ramifications of our electoral system. As a matter of fact, I wish I had more opportunities to talk about niche mathematics.

I can be contacted on twitter as @taufmonster, and via email at the following address:
If you are interested in or have questions about mathematics or statistics. If you would like to collaborate with me on a survey or something, I am A) here to help and B) very interested in helping. I am well versed in good survey design and analysis.
If you would like to see my resume, you can email me at the above address.