Thursday, September 15, 2011

The New House: An Update, with cool wall art!

We been sleeping here for about a week and a half now. We have all the furniture and stuff in the house now, but it hasn't all been put away. We've bought several new pieces of furniture to replace the crappy stuff we still has leftover from college. We still have several pieces of furniture that we have left to buy.

The cats had lot of trouble adjusting to this place at first. They were very nervous when we were transferring them in the car and they freaked out quite a bit. George spent the majority of the first couple of days just hiding under our bed. It's taken him another to not be afraid when we open the front door. We also need to buy a screen for the fireplace so they don't get themselves sooty.

We managed to move my desk again, and now I have hesitation about moving it again. Each time we move it, something else bad happens to it. The leg where the two sides meet is a little messed up from me trying to adjust the desk's position after I had already set it up last time.  It's still 100% sturdy though. I don't plan on using my desk as much since the move so me put it in the guest bedroom, which is a little out of the way. I don't really plan on using it as much, I'm thinking about getting a chromebook.

We've set our eyes on some great art to adorn our walls. Specifically, we're looking at these pieces: a Harry Potter spin on a theme, a couple Doctor Who ones, and I just found this cool Metroid one. It should be noted that we aren't necessarily going to get those ones as their super-expensive canvas form. Possibly a print.

As we unpack, we're throwing away, recycling, or donating tons of stuff that we don't need. We had tons of stuff that was simply superfluous that doesn't fit into this smaller (yet infinitely more awesome) house. That's most of what's been going on. Slowly unpacking. Working. Normal stuff going on here. Once things are unpacked completely and we get some wall art up I'll take some nice pictures of the place.