Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures in Game Design, part 11: Rogue Abilities

Internet is back on and I'm ready to blog again. I came up with tons of ideas while I was under the internet blackout, and not all of them pertain to this game. But this does. I came up with an incomplete list of abilities for the rogue class. Abilities are listed in no particular order, may have a limited number of uses, and will likely require a roll to succeed.

Main Spec Ability: Sneak Attack - When an opponent can't defend themselves properly, the rogue deals extra damage. 
  • Running Slice - The rogue can take an attack while moving past an enemy
  • Blind - The rogue uses a powder to blind the target temporarily, lowering their vision, attack and defense
  • Quick Attack - The rogue takes a single attack very quickly (uses one of the rogues main actions, but grants initiative speed as if the rogue hadn't used the action)
  • Disarm - The rogue deftly removes the opponent's weapon.
  • Deflect - The rogue (makes a roll to) use his daggers and skill not to parry an attack, but to actually cause that attack to hit a target adjacent to the rogue and within the range of the attacker.
Main Spec Ability: Multishot - The rogue fires multiple arrows at once, each attacking a different target.
  • Moving Shot - The rogue takes a less accurate shot during a move
  • Ricochet - The rogue causes the arrow to bounce off a wall to hit an otherwise unreachable target or to catch a target off guard.
  • Aimed Shot - The rogue takes a full turn to fire a longer flying, more accurate, more damaging shot.
  • Arrow Stab - The rogue uses an arrow to stab an opponent (when stuck in melee range). Allows the rogue to attack in melee without using an action to switch weapons. If the enemy dies, the rogue is granted a shot as a free action.
  • Undecided.
Main Spec Ability: Grenade - The rogue throws a grenade which explodes, dealing AOE damage. May have an explosion delay.
  • Flamethrower Trap - A stationary turret that spouts flames at nearby targets.
  • Bear Trap - If stepped on the target sustains direct damage, bleed damage, and a movement penalty until the trap is removed.
  • Grappling Hook - I'm still thinking about the combat uses of it. Tie up opponents? Disarm weapons at range?
  • Smoke Bomb - obscure vision while in the cloud and for a certain number of turns after. Provides a block of line of sight for a safe getaway.
  • Trip Wire - pretty obvious
A suspension of disbelief or "it's magic" may be required with regard to how the rogue stores all these tools. I worry about the trap rogue. I want to make sure they feel viable. I think it may really come alive with whatever magical abilities it gets to choose.