Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pretentious Ass Art Installation

Last week, while on my break at work, I tweeted "Is there public domain pornography? #NaggingQuestions". After that, I realized that the word 'pornography' just flew through all of my coworkers. This gave me the thought, "Is digitized pornography in non-video form still pornography?"

The installation would have a speaker, a screen and a wireless transmitter of some sort. Each source would be projecting a pornography file in different ways. The screen would flood a series of '1's and '0's across the screen. The speaker would interpret the file as audio static and play it. The transmitter would broadcast the file's contents out into the open air.

Then, towards the exit would be a small booth, something like one of those curtained off voting booths. Inside would be a monitor with a cover over it and a trash can next to it. You could then see what was being shown to you, just not in the proper format. The trash can is if you can't handle it. I have a particular video in mind.

You see, all the mediums are reflecting the same information. The difference between the others and the video is that when viewed as a video, our brain recognizes certain patterns that it can piece together as being pornographic. It's all the same information, but only one is pornography.

While discussing this idea with Sarah I realized that art installations are basically culturally accepted trolling. I think I may have found my calling. What will be my masterpiece, my Mona Lisa? How will the world remember me?