Friday, September 2, 2011


That is a picture of the front of the house we're moving to. We started to move stuff in there today and we'll continue to do so over the weekend. There are more pictures here. Some rooms didn't get pictures uploaded because they were unremarkable, fyi.

There is a hot tub in the back yard (EXCITE). It needs a professional cleaning and inspection, but it's there. Many of the baseboards need to be touched up with paint (which is in the garage) and the front door hardware could stand to be changed, especially since the door cannot be opened from the outside since the outside handle doesn't work (we weren't made aware of that feature).

We also got a new bookcase and an office organizer thing that was WAY heavier than it seems like it should be. Seriously, I hurt my wrist trying to lift it. I'm worried that when we open it up to build it there will just be a bunch of rocks and a note that says, "HAHAHA, try explaining THIS to Target customer service!"

The floorplan makes a circle, in which out bedroom is kitchen-adjacent. So now instead of running up and down the hall, our cats can just run circles around the house.

I'm infinitely sad that there isn't a webpage where I can upload images and superimpose the crack in time from Dr. Who Season 5. I would have made a funny joke for the internet. I would have posted a bunch of pictures but the last one would have a crack in the wall and I would have been like, "OH NO!", BUT I GUESS I DON'T GET TO DO THAT.