Friday, June 17, 2011

Some Demo Impressions and a story

I played some demos tonight, so here are my thoughts on them.

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron
This is an action game that has absolutely stunning stylized visuals and is apparently based on a biblical story (although I'm not sure how THAT works). It's definitely strange. The combat was pretty good, but difficult. It's nice to know that dying isn't final, you can resurrect yourself with some button mashing.

It was a very strange experience for me. It could be a really good game, I just don't know. The gameplay was fun, even though the platforming parts were a little frustrating.
Okay, I actually bought this one, but it was only $5 because of the free month of Playstation Plus. This game could have been much better. The combat is good, but I get the strong feeling that it's going to be and stay repetitive.

The less said about the cutscenes and the voice acting contained therein the better.

Playing Risk Factions Online
Sarah begged me to try some of Risk Factions online play. So I got in and had it match me up for two games. In the first game, I was last in the turn order, which I feel like punishes players too harshly, especially in the objective based games (as opposed to the classic World Conquest mode). I was not the winner of either game (which is understandable since it's 5-person free for all), but the second game was definitely notable.

In the lobby one guy kept asking everyone if his mic was working and if we could hear him. I could actually hear him fantastically but couldn't say anything since I didn't have a mic. Then his phone rang and I listened to him give directions on how to get to his house during the game.

Blue took Australia early and already had a good start on Asia which was problematic because Green and Yellow (which I can't tell apart due to my colorblindness) were having a stupid fight, Red was mostly in the Americas, and I got stomped early in my African territories and wasn't severely weakened.

Red later disconnected (which results in his units laying stagnant, only defending), and Blue was clearly the person to beat, but Green and Yellow just continued beating each other and we never stood a chance. If Green and Yellow had teamed up with me in battling down Blue then the game would have been much more interesting.