Friday, June 10, 2011

Dream: Jasmine and I go to Cuba

The first thing that I remember about this dream was that Sarah and I were in a city. I was some sort of higher up at a company and SOMEBODY was 'after' me. So we got a limousine to take us to the airport so we could escape to Florida.

We arrived and Florida and checked into our hotel and went down to the lobby restaurant for dinner. At dinner we ran into Jasmine and some other people. During the meal Jasmine and I needed to leave for some reason that required an elevator. We ended up in a kitchen that was filled with alligators! We left there and kept searching for an elevator (such an elusive structure).

I'm not sure what happened next but the next thing I remember was that Jasmine and I were on a hovercraft heading toward Cuba. We made our way through the marshes of Cuba, into a mountainous region, and finally into a Cuban city. There we ran into someone we both knew (unidentified) who told us that we should go to KnitPicks (which a website about knitting, but here it was their headquarters or store or something).

We decided to go but I told Jasmine that we can't tell Sarah, because she'd be so mad that I went without her. We went in and it was a very strange, colorful place that was packed with people. But it was very clearly in a state of disrepair. We went looking for an elevator (because I guess we never found one earlier), and after passing by several malfunctioning ones we finally found one and took it down.

At the bottom of the shaft there were some strange dinosaurs and junk. So we decided to leave that and take the elevator back all the way up. The elevator went high above the building and into the sky. It went above the canopy of the trees (because it's clearly in a rainforest) and as we went higher and higher we saw that pterodactyls were attacking the elevator shaft. Amazed and frightened, we made the elevator go back down to safety.

We figured it would be best just to leave Cuba. On the way out of KnitPicks we saw a sort of pedal car/dune buggy thing and we took it to get back to our hovercraft. Well, Jasmine just fell asleep and didn't help at all and made me pedal by myself. It was really hard to control the speed of the car and we kept exceeding the speed limit. The Cuban police kept killing us because we were speeding but we kept respawning so, you know, it didn't matter.

I couldn't find the way back through the mountains and marsh to the hovercraft but the dream ended there.