Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yesterday, I Just Wanted to Kill Hitler

Yesterday sure was full of ups and downs. Work was alright. I brought headphones so that I could listen to music and podcasts from my phone. It was also casual Friday, which is weird for me. When I was young, when I heard about casual Friday that some workplaces have I thought, "That seems nice. I can see how that would be welcome." Then, when I became older, casual Friday became a symbol of the absolute horribleness of and soul-crushing despair that come with working in a big office. Now that I'm in that work, I'm just like, "Fuck Yeah CASUAL FRIDAY! I can wear JEANS and TENNIS SHOES!" I also got to leave an hour and a half early because I stayed late earlier this week, which was really nice.

After work I used AT&T's online chat help to try and address our TV problems and despite me doing all I could and them doing all they could within 30 minutes it froze/crashed again. I tried to explain to the online rep that just because I could watch TV now and could record and play back something now doesn't mean it was fixed. Since they were either a robot or a person with a limited grasp of English but a proficient use of macros they didn't understand that. I used their phone help, which ran me through the same shit and still, within minutes of disconnecting from the phone it froze again.

Then I tried to use my online banking to pay my rent for the first time and it was all sorts of screwy, saying my account was associated with another login. So I get to go to the bank this morning to straighten that out.

Then Sarah and I had dinner and went to watch 50/50. It was a really good movie. Very funny, very emotional.  We loved it.

Then we came home and hoped to watch some Doctor Who on our TV. There was a marathon that started last night and it was all the episodes we haven't been able to watch because our cable box is shit. We started it up and worked for a very long time. Then, 46 minutes in, it froze just as the big reveal for the episode was about to go down. Literally. "The X are not a Y, they are a Z...(presumably trails off to explain but we don't know that because it FROZE)" All I wanted to do was kill Hitler.

Then sleep. And today I get to try and fix everything from yesterday. It's not like I had other things I wanted to do.