Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shaman Abilities and Other Changes, Adventures in Amateur Games Design part 15

Get it? Get it? Get it?
It's been a hell of a long time since I worked on this at all, other things began to occupy my brain spheres. Also, my mind encountered a bit of a road block when working on this so I took a detour through other topics, like voting.

It's been forever since I actually talked about this class (or this project). I don't even think it was called the shaman until just now. Earlier it was the priest. I think the word 'shaman' better fits the kit that I'm going with, though. Life/Death has been replace with a nature based tree.

  • Given Ability: Draining Ivy - Vines fire from your arm, attaching to the opponent and draining their life, giving it to you.
  1. Vine Wall
  2. Vine Whip - A vine comes from you and whips the opponent, lacerating them.
  3. Some type of heal that does instant healing with a heal-over-time component. Plants grow in the wound.
  4. Meadow - an area-of-effect heal
  5. Log Throw - log appears and fwops the opponent
  6. Tangle - Creeping vines grow from the ground and trap the opponent
  7. Wild Mushroom - a mushroom grows on the opponent and eventually detonates. Upgrades to add spores that will make more mushrooms.
  8. Decay - Weakens the opponent
  9. Poison Bolt - deals damage-over-time
  10. Summon Treants
  • Given Ability: Antipode - A fire projectile and an ice projectile that can target separate targets.
  1. Fire Wall
  2. Flame Jet - cone of fire damage
  3. Hot Steel - heats a weapon to deal extra damage
  4. Healing Waters - a direct heal
  5. Fireball - boom
  6. Tidal Wave - a wall of water pushes the opponents
  7. Water Cut - a blade of water slices at the opponent
  8. Freeze - locks down a body part of the enemy
  9. Engulf - sets the foe on fire, dealing damage-over-time
  10. Undecided water/ice ability
  • Given Ability: Undecided
  1. Rock Wall
  2. Rock Armor
  3. Rock Shoot
  4. Earthquake
  5. Shackle - manacles of rock hold down the opponent
  6. Buffet - push back
  7. Speed of Wind
  8. Lightning - The shaman separates the charge in a pocket of air, releasing it to electrify everyone in the area. Not a lightning bolt.
  9. Cyclone
  10. Asphyxiate
The recent changes to how the World of Warcraft progression systems work has given me some question as to whether I should change how my progression systems work. I'm wondering if I should change how abilities are learned and customized. I'll definitely admit that my current idea how character customization has completely daunted me and is really keeping me from moving forward with my idea. I think I'm going to do it. I just need to find out what way will work best.