Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Symphony

Today, Sarah and I went to the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's John Williams concert. We got good tickets for incredibly cheap because my place of work is a major corporate sponsor. The conductor for this year (and last year) is the very noteworthy, up-and-coming Philip Mann.

It was an incredible show, covering a great range of John Williams's music. It began with the Jaws theme, then played a march from 1941, then did music from Schindler's List, and moved into a Star Wars suite. Darth Vader came out and force choked Philip. Two storm troopers dragged him off the stage and Darth Vader conducted the Imperial March by staring down the orchestra, it was awesome.

After the intermission they played music from Fiddler on the Roof, the Olympics Theme, the NBC News theme, and wrapped up the show with the Indiana Jones theme and the Jurassic Park theme (which, according to Philips is noted to be played "Reverentially."). We were a little upset that there wasn't any Harry Potter on the program, but they gave it to us in an encore, which competely made up for it.

It was a truly fantastic show and we definitely plan on attending more this season. We'll probably be attending Happy Holidays, Russian WinterValentines in New York, People's Choice, and Wicked Divas.