Saturday, January 28, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging: Day 3 - My First Day Playing WoW

Back in spring of 2007, all my friends were playing World of Warcraft. They kept trying to get me to play, and I kept resisting. I didn't want to succumb to its seductive magic; I felt I had better things to do. I was eventually sent a free trial, and the rest, as they say, is history. They all played Horde and so I deciding to play an orc warlock, who I named Orclocke (because I'm awesome).

 I don't remember everything that happened on my first day playing WoW. It's not a distinct memory. I remember running around the orc starting area, doing warlocky things. A couple friends stood/sat around me and gave me tips about things I could/should do. I was playing solo so that I could get my bearings without relying on others' strength. I was so excited to get my first pet, the imp. Eventually I had to do that stupid level 10 Warlock quest to get my Voidwalker. For orcs, you had to go into this cave east of the entrance to Orgrimmar and kill some dudes. This quest was SO hard. I died at least 10 times while attempting it. I leveled up a few times from killing the mobs to try and get to the specific person that I needed to kill.

I hate that quest to this day.

With much effort, I got my voidwalker and I leveled up some more. The next zone that I went to was the Barrens, as that's where Hordies tend to do. My friends had all leveled up characters to play with me, and in our mid-teens we did Ragefire Chasm together. They taught me about aggro, that I should attack what the tank was attacking, and that if I get aggro I should run to the tank. We cleared the whole dungeon and a great time was had by all.

When I got close to my 20s it was time to move on to another zone. My roommate suggested that I go to Ashenvale next, but that I had to be careful because the monsters were much stronger, more aggressive, and I could be attacked by the Alliance there.

I was fucking terrified of going to Ashenvale. Despite the fact that I had died a million times already in that stupid cave east of Orgrimmar, I was terrified of going into Ashenvale. You might know that there are two entrances to Ashenvale from the south. There's the main entrance that follows the road. There are the orc guards there and everything. There's also that hole in that wooden defensive structure that Alliance characters can use to get through if they need to go the Barrens, also. Well, being terrified as I was, I decided to go through that hole, because it seemed more secretive. I guess I thought that if I took the road I'd get ambushed or something. I slowly inched my way into the zone, constantly looking around for threats of Alliance or aggressive monsters. I eventually got so scared that I turned around and left the zone.

I eventually returned to Ashenvale and leveled up to my late 20s before growing tired of it and rerolling a tauren shaman.