Tuesday, January 31, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging: Day 6 - My desk is awful

My desk is almost permanently messy. I considered cleaning it up before taking the pictures for this post, but I felt that would be disingenuous. I do periodically set out to clean the thing, but that is rare. I think I'm going to do so after I finish writing this post.

My desk is in our 'guest bedroom'. It is called that because to the left of my desk there is a bed that nobody has ever slept on. I also have a comfy black office chair. In the corner (not pictured) are several board games. Also in the room, the cats' litter box, which often provides wonderful odors. Since my office (guest bedroom) is somewhat out of the way, I don't spend as much time in here as I might otherwise.
This is the main portion of my desk. On it you will see several items including
  • my monitor stacked upon some statistics books,
  • a coin jar,
  • an empty glass with an empty bag of baked Lays in it,
  • my wallet,
  • a pair of tweezers,
  • trash,
  • lots of stray papers,
  • a hand towel,
  • scissors,
  • plush microbes,
  • and Legos.
On this, the other portion of my desk you will find
  • more math books,
  • two ceramic things with  assorted items in them,
  • bongos for DK Jungle Beat (best game ever!),
  • more math books,
  • LotR Pez dispensers,
  • more paper,
  • a cat bed with the tag still on it,
  • a lava lamp,
  • a clock radio,
  • Proto Man
  • a printer that isn't configured with a Star Wars poster that needs to be hung on top of it
  • and more trash.
This is gross, I need to fix this. The really sad thing is that it was much worse a couple days ago.

Note: I didn't actually end up cleaning this mess after I wrote this post. Shame.