Friday, January 27, 2012

20 Days of WoW Blogging: Day 2 - Why I Made a Blog

I don't actually remember what caused me to start a blog. I had a livejournal back in late high school and in college, although I kinda want to forget about it. I hardly used it, and the stuff there wasn't substantive. I also didn't participate in any of the communities, so that's probably why I didn't use it very much. I started using twitter back when Sarah and I lived in our apartment and I started to blog at some point during that time as well.

Part of the reason that I started the blog is that I have this problem. I call it 'getting stuck inside my head'. Other people might call it 'normal'. If you've read a fair number of my entries (for any value of 'fair' > 1), they cover a wide range of topics. An idea will stick in my head and it is almost impossible to get out. I have an analytically-oriented mind that obsessively tears things apart and collates the information. I factor the numbers on mile marker signs when driving!

So I started this blog as a type of thought dump. I needed somewhere to expel these things that my mind get's far too obsessed with. Over two hundred posts later I'd say that I may have succeeded in that capacity. For my World of Warcraft posts, I think I tend to cover things that just aren't typically addressed in what I normally see going around. But we'll probably get to that later.

I suppose the final reason that I started to blog was because I've never really been a writer. I always preferred analytical courses in school as opposed to reading and writing oriented courses. I figured that blogging would help me develop better writing skill. I didn't want to just work on my grammar, I wanted to work on my ability to convey ideas with the written word.

Blogging wasn't ever really about getting famous, although I definitely welcome any and all readers. I've heard several times that if you start a blog strictly to get followers and be popular, you'll probably not succeed at it. You have to have an internal motivation to keep you going. All the bloggers I follow really seem to have that. I like to think that I do.
I miss you, Sons of Hodir dailies