Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weird Dreams Times 4

I had four very strange dreams last night. I'm honestly surprised that I can remember them all.

The first dream was Harry Potter related. In it Ron and Harry (post graduation) went off on a long adventure, presumably as part of their auror duties. Hermione was upset and invited Draco over and the two hooked up and started living together. Draco redecorated the place (lots of bold colors and shirtless male mannequin everywhere). When Ron and Harry got back Draco ran away. Ron was very pissed at Hermione for this betrayal, but Hermione was even more mad at Ron for leaving for such a long time.

Field of Puppies
In this dream Sarah and I were vacationing with my parents. The house we were staying at had a fence surrounding it. Within the confines of that fence was more puppies that I can even imagine. They were everywhere! They were SOOOOO cute. They played and napped and ran all over. Later in the dream there were bees all over the place and I was worried about the puppies, but they never were stung. The bees did take down and kill several birds though.

Strange Guests
In this dream Sarah and I had just bought our own house. It was large and confusing. She was away doing something and I was using the toilet. While I was using it, she barged in and started talking to me. I freaked out and told her to go away (since I was on the toilet). She came back in with two friends of ours, Sam and Mike, except Sam wasn't the one that I currently hang out with, but she was one so similarly named from several years ago. Sam wasn't even acknowledging my presence, and I don't know if it was because I was on toilet or if it was because of some past transgression.

I left to go get more dressed, so I went to the bedroom. While there and digging through a pile of clothes for something to wear, one of the legs of a chest of drawer snapped off and the whole thing fell onto its side. That's all I remember from that dream.

Band Practice
This dream took place in high school, my senior year. The band director told me that I would be playing saxophone on this particular piece we were practicing. I hadn't played saxophone in years and would likely be terrible at it. He insisted, however, so I got out my saxophone and started to put it together. I figured it wouldn't work because the reed would be so old. We started playing the piece, but I couldn't get a single note out because I had incorrectly assembled the instrument. The song finished and band practice was over. Nobody noticed that I had been silent the whole time.