Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Technical Issues

Some technical issues arose tonight.  Let me paint you a word picture...

Sarah and I wished to enjoy some Castle, streamed to our TV via PlayOn.  We boot everything up, and it can't access my Hulu queue or play any videos.  I restart everything, still doesn't work.  So I update PlayOn, which required a full download as opposed to a patch since an audio driver was included in this version as part of their updated stuff.

What's this, I can't log in to the PlayOn site to download it?  Password recovery not working?  A customer support contact informed me that logging in is not necessary and only my name and email used to buy it are required.  Stupid me, I guess reading the page would have helped.  Whatever.

Download, install, watch Castle.  Laugh.  Gasp.  Drama?!  Intrigue?!  Castle finishes, it was a good episode.  Go onto my computer to do computery things.  I am led toward a flash game platformer.  Huh, it has no music.  That's weird, but whatever.  Beat it, it was good.  Sarah asks me to turn on some music.  I do, but later we realize that no sound is coming out.  Itunes is doing things, my little audio indicator is moving up and down, meaning activity.  Youtube produces no sound either, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

I surmise that PlayOn must have caused the error.  It was, after all, the only thing that updated, and that included a new audio driver.

I turn off PlayOn, still no good.

I tell PlayOn to not start on boot and restart.  No jingle, still no worky.

PlayOn forum search for the keyword 'audio' gives me a topic saying that Windows 7 has an issue where if an audio driver is installed, it is made default and that switching the default back to my normal driver should do it.

It didn't.

Reboot?  No.  :(

FUCK!  What the hell do I need to do.  Back to audio settings.  Configure?  Test?  I heard a noise in the sound test.  Back to iTunes....nothing.

Uninstall PlayOn audio driver.


Rollback default audio driver.  Apparently got rolled back to not existing.  Fuck.

Offbrand on-board audio card driver download sites look scary, where's that driver CD.? Not in the motherboard box.  Not outside.  Oh, it WAS in the box, but it fell out and I didn't see it lying there.  CD does funny things on autorun.  Browse CD...Driver/Audio/Setup.exe  go!  Finishes, wants to reboot.  Ok, you do that.  Heard the shut down jingle.  HUZZAH!

We'll just have to see if I can reinstall the PlayOn audio driver without fucking myself in the ass again.  Hopefully, if it happens again, I can uninstall my default audio driver and reinstall it and hope that the same bug that causes the problem will fix it.

-Taufmonster, Out