Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The new Elemental Shaman Heroic Strategy

See boy, dat how you kill dragon.

In patch 3.3, a new spell was added to the Shaman arsenal, Fire Nova.  This has replaced Fire Nova Totem and produces a same-damage effect, just centered around (and not destroying) your current Fire Totem.  This spell has completely changed the way that I approach DPS in 5-man Heroics.  I used to use my single target DPS rotation and would mix in Chain Lightning liberally.

However, I am now a bringer of burst AOE hell.  My DPS has gone up at least 40% on trash pulls (depending on the size of the pull).  The spec to go along with this technique is here, with 3 points to place where you see fit.  You'll notice that I have brought Fire Nova's cooldown to 3 seconds, and brought down the cooldown of Thunderstorm and increased its mana return.  Here is how you play the spec:

  1. Stay on your tank's butt.  Time spent running to the mobs is time wasted.
  2. If your tank has aggro'd and you aren't in melee range yet, fill that time with a Flame Shock while you run, or an Elemental Mastery'd Chain Lightning.
  3. Get into melee range, and drop Magma Totem.
  4. Use Chain Lightning, then Fire Nova and Thunderstorm as you move slightly out of melee range w/ the movement allowed by the instant cast nature of Fire Nova and Thunderstorm.
  5. Repeat Fire Nova and Chain Lightning when ready and fill gaps with Lava Bursts and Lightning Bolts.
  6. WIN!
This will, if your tank isn't ready for it, produce a ton of aggro (and damage!).  So make sure to feel out your tank to see how much of this they can handle and whether or not you need to back off.  This tactic, if used aggressively is extremely potent and dangerous.  Remember, you're playing with Fire (Nova)!

As tempting as this strategy is to use in raids, I wouldn't recommend it.  It runs serious risks of pulling aggro AND MORE IMPORTANTLY makes sacrifices to the Shaman's single-target DPS (read: most bosses), where your DPS is needed more.

Taufmonster, out.