Friday, January 1, 2010

2009: In review. 2010: A preview.

2009 is the year that I proposed to and moved in with Sarah.  It is the year that I decided to switch to studying Statistics.  This was the year that I started to tutor children, and have learned much in the process.  It has been a year for making decision that are going to affect my entire life.  It's been a defining year.  It's been a year of learning.  A year of sacrifice.

In 2010, I should get my Masters Degree and join the workforce.  I should lay out a definite 5-year plan.  I should get married.  I should sell a bunch of this old lame stuff that I have around that I don't need or want anymore.  I should teach more, and I should learn more.

Things I want to accomplish next year (not relating to school/jobs/marriage):

  • work on making a blog that people would actually want to read
    • develop writing skills
    • come up with a good idea
  • learn a new programming language
  • learn to make web pages (could function for the previous item)
  • work on my piano playing
  • expect more from myself.
So much has happened this past year.  So much will happen this next year.  This is a very pivotal moment in my life and I should work my hardest to make it go as smoothly and as well as possible.