Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Game Review - L4D

Because of Steam's sales that have been going on this weekend, I was able to pick up the original L4D on the cheap.  And let me tell you, it is AWESOME!

Basic Gameplay
Left 4 Dead is a cooperative based shooter with a competent AI (or they get better guns, it's hard to tell).   

It's refreshing to play a co-op shooter, especially one where the enemies don't have guns.  The choices that you have to make between weapons are all interesting, coming down to personal preference as opposed to min-maxing.  The zombies are not only capable of doing damage, but they are also capable of locking down the survivors, which creates a more interesting and frightening game-play.  This encourages you to never stray far from your teammates, because only they can save you if you become locked down by a zombie.

Narrow passageways and wipe open spaces are both comforting and dangerous.  Narrow passageways allow you to funnel the zombies, making them easier to kill, but they leave you with fewer escapes.  Wide open spaces allow the zombies to come from anywhere, but give you freedom of movement.  Fear never leaves you.

The versus multiplayer is intense, with the zombies working together to kill the survivors.  You're weak by yourself, and powerful when you work together.  And fewer things can compare to the rush of finding a survivor who has been separated from the rest of the group.  One thing can though, playing as the Tank.  Smashing the survivors around with your massive power and health pool is so fun, it's worth sloshing through the jerks who play online.  Here are some multiplayer tips:
  • Use boomers to distract the survivors
  • Use smokers to separate the survivors
  • Use hunters to finish them off.
  • Use the tank to destroy and distract the survivors.  A tank attack combined w/ effecting smoker and hunter use will ruin the survivors.
I have not played survival mode, but I suspect it to be awesome.

I recently ordered Left 4 Dead 2 from Amazon.  It came in the mail the day that I left for Mountain Home and would be away from the computer that can actually run it.  When I get back I'm going to play the hell out of that game.

Catch ya later!