Monday, December 7, 2009

Characters who take your stuff

I hate it in RPGs when one of your well equipped, awesome characters who you put most of your time into leaves the party.  Even if it's only temporary, they still could have given you the stuff before they left.  This is one of the benefits of having already played they game, you can unequip the character before they can leave you.

Think you're going away to train and take all of my stuff with you, I think not!

I ran into a similar situation in Breath of Fire II.  A character wanted me to loan him all of my money to buy something, and then later he would give me 200 gold (or whatever).  Fortunately, Breath of Fire II lets you deposit your money at the bank.  So I deposited my money, gave him all 0 gold that I had, and then I got 200 free gold later.  It was awesome.