Thursday, July 9, 2009

Further notes my standard UI.

Bar Mods, HAH!

For awesomeness purposes I have my entire bottom left extra action bar mapped to keys

It goes like this

Shift+1->6 for the first 6 buttons, 'f', 'g', Shift+'f', Shift+'g', The F6 and F7, which covers all of the 12 buttons on that action bar. I additionally, my mouse is set up so it's side buttons send in F6 and F7 commands. So all of the buttons are easily reachable.

Pressing shift and a number is easy enough for me. I have long been a fan of keyboard shortcuts for use in regular computer and browser use, so I'm very used to using my keyboard for things other than typing words. I use this across all of my characters, and it works phenomenally well for me. I keep my major actions on 1->6 and Shift+1->6. Mostly using the 2->4 and Shift+2->4. This leaves my ring finger left free for any movement I need to do. I keyboard turn only in situations where it doesn't matter how fast I move, like in town.

The other buttons are usually emergency buttons.

This monster is out.