Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fail group is fail

Last night I was bored so I jumped on my priest and put myself in LFG for the Nexus and Utgarde Keep. I got a group for the Nexus and went in. The tank was a level 80 druid, there was a 71 Hunter and a74 Death Knight, and I made 4.

Overall the run wasn't so bad. The incoming damage on the tank was pretty weak, however, no one knew how to do the fights. Did the druid attack the rifts on Anomalus? No, he wasn't even particularly concerned with picking up adds either. Did people get out of the way of the spikes on Ormorok? No. Did the hunter let Keristrasza stack Intense Cold up to 9 stacks? Yes. Did the hunter go AFK so long that his character sat down and the game set his status to AFK? Yes.

Despite how stupid the group was, there were no wipes, due to the level of the tank and my panicking. I got 3 pieces of loot from the run. The off-hand book from Anomalus, a BOE Blue Robe from a trash drop, and the Caster Ring from Keristrasza. The Hunter, who was mad that he hadn't won anything in the run, tried to ninja the ring out from me, but failed.

Fail group is fail, but at least I got some good stuff out of it.