Monday, July 6, 2009

Character Update

It's been a long time since I've said how my characters are doing, mostly because nobody knows about this so why bother to say.

My Warrior, Weslocke, is no 59 and is in Outland, ready to kick ass. He's still specced Prot, and his levelling partner is a Demonology Warlock.

Spear, the DK, has been respecced to plain old DPS since I had a failed tanking experience. He's level 76 now.

Tauf has cleared Naxxramas and has beaten Flame Leviathan, but then the guild has kinda fallen apart and real life stuff and other characters have kept me from getting him further. He's still specced Elemental, and has a resto offspec.

Jainne, my 72 priest, is mainly shadow, but also Holy. She's also stagnated. Sometimes I just log her in and offer to heal things, but that's it.

The lowbie druid, Gryllz, is now a highbie druid. He's 73 and has a Feral Tanking spec and a Resto Healing spec. He's teamed with a mage and is leveling through Northrend and runs every instance. He tanked Azjol-Nerub earlier today and performed amazingly.

I'm hoping to get all of these to 80, probably Gryllz and Jainne first.