Thursday, March 24, 2011

Life decisions.

Allow me to share with you where I currently am with my life.

I'm having trouble getting a job. It's been really frustrating and depressing and I'm getting increasingly tired of putting up with the search. I've been on 7 or so interviews so far and have only been contacted TWICE telling me that I don't have the job. Once was a letter in the mail a MONTH after my second interview and the other time was an email letting me know that I wouldn't get the job because of nepotism. Really what they meant is because of a FEAR of nepotism but I won't rant on that more.

Instead I'm left to hang. My hopes raise every time the phone rings during the 'expecting them to call me' period and then my heart sinks when it isn't them. As the days pass and the likelihood of being called lessens I become more and more depressed and angry. I just can't really do it anymore.

So I've been reevaluating my options.

First, I could continue on the path that I have been trying, which is getting an internship or some other little position where I could get some good experience under my belt, leave in a year or so, and Sarah and I could move somewhere with better opportunities. This would complement my current employment at Sylvan and wouldn't require much of a long-term commitment. This path just really hasn't been working out for me.

The second path would be to just give up and go into teaching. I could probably get a job teaching very easily, especially if I got on track with that get-your-teaching-license-while-teaching program. But teaching isn't what I want to do, nor is it getting me where I would eventually be doing what I want to do. It'd be easy, but it's not going to make me happy, I don't think. Also, it won't pay very well as a long-term career choice.

The third option would be for me to go BACK into school and get my Ph.D. The job choices would really open up, the likelihood of being hired would dramatically increase, and the pay-scale would improve. However, I'm sick and tired of school as it is and there is hardly any way that I will be convinced to return.

The last option seems to be to go and work for a government agency. There are a few agencies, such as the Department of Defense and NASA that hire a large number of mathematically minded people and actually pay really well. This would require a long-term commitment and also a relocation but would finally get me started on my life.

You know, reading how I wrote all of these descriptions, I think I may have already made up my mind about what I want to do. Wish me luck!