Saturday, February 6, 2010

Priesting is fun.

I've been running several random dungeons on my Priest lately and it's been both a blast and uber-frustrating at the same time.  If I have a poorly geared group, I am challenged with how well I can heal through people who aren't being careful enough for their gear level.  If I have a well-geared group, I am challenged with how much DPS can I do while still healing.  Using Mind Sear to proc Surge of Light and using the instant cast Flash Heals as my only healing is fun, honestly.

If the healing required is a bit higher, and more AOE oriented, I'll just jump around and spam Holy Nova.  I discovered I could do this when I was running Ahn'Kahet and the tank decided I needed a challenge (literally, he told me was going to make it fun for me) and pulled 6 mobs in the area between Prince Taldaram and Jedoga Shadowseeker.  I countered this by frantically spamming Holy Nova to heal and to make them die faster.  It's incredibly fun, but it does destroy my mana.  Mind Searing is nicer on the mana.

I've yet to be blamed for anything though, so that's pretty good.

I'm left with a list of frustrations:
  • Dear Warrior DPS, you may wear plate and have a bazillion hp (it's ludicrous) but if you pull threat, you can still die faster than I can heal you.  This is especially true on bosses.  Also, don't stand in a boss' whirlwind, it's still really damaging.
  • On a related note:  Tanks, when someone pulls off of you, it can be hard to tell it's happened and it's very frustrating when it does, but taunt it back onto you.
  • When Scourgelord Tyrannus knocks you back, tanks, it is not an invitation to charge right back into his Enraged self ("Power Overwhelming"), you're supposed to be kiting him over the frost patches so I don't have a heart attack.
  • On the same fight, I don't know if it was an accident or not, but please move your Regrowth button away from all of your tanking buttons, Madame Druid Tank.  Bosses hit hard on druids who aren't in Bear Form. True Story.  If you're running out of bar space go here.
  • Mirrored Soul means to stop DPSing, or else you'll kill somebody.  Me.
  • Before the second boss in TOC 5-man, don't pull 2 of the groups simultaneously.  You'll destroy my mana pool and make the subsequent boss fight a frantic hell for me.
On a closing note listen to In the Moonlight, from Modern Family.