Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Totems of Note: VH, DTK, GD, COS

Violet Hold
This instance:
Trash, nothing special. On the trash, when the groups come out, there is some sort Sorcerer, who will cast a channeled beam at random targets. I think they need to be killed first, and you, as a shaman, need to be interrupting the beam.
Erekem, nothing special
Xevozz, nothing special
Moragg, nothing special
Ichoron, nothing special
Lavanthor, Fire Resist can help some.
Zuramat the Obliterator, Magma Totem in case you get the debuff that lets you kill the adds.
Cyanigosa, Frost Resist if you're having trouble with Blizzard, but that's not very important.

Drak'Tharon Keep

Now the instances are starting to get more complicated.  In the beginning....there's not much to talk about.  The last part of the instance is where you begin to need a special totem.  You are going to need to use Tremor Totem on King Dred, because he uses an AOE fear.  After King Dred, you'll go up a set of stairs and fight on a Rampart for a while, and then go up another set of stairs.  The death knights there will use a single target fear which will risk someone running into more death knights.  Tremor that sucker.


Poison creeps is ugly head up again in this instance.  There are snakes that will use a poison, as well as Sladran.  You can use poison cleanse totem or just cleanse it, it's not AOE.

Drakkari Colossus?  Nothing

Moorabi, you can Earth Shock his transformation, the fight will take longer, but everything will be more controlled, which is good.

Eck?  Nothing.

Gal'darah?  No special totem use.

Culling of Stratholme

On Malganis, use Tremor Totem.