Sunday, March 7, 2010

MMO-champion Thrall humor

What follows are my favorite posts from a MMO-Champion thread with Chuck Norris-esque Thrall jokes.  Some have been edited to make them flow in a more humorous way.

  1. Thrall's Fire Nova caused the Cataclysm
  2. Thrall's Sentry Totem can be used offensively
  3. Thrall's Spirit Wolves doesn't summon 2 wolves, it kill two BM Hunters and steals their pets.
  4. When Thrall uses Fire Elemental Totem, Ragnaros comes out. And it's never too soon.
  5. When Thrall casts Earth Shock, he throws a boulder at you.
  6. Thrall's Ancestral Spirit also resurrects the target's father and grandfather.
  7. Thrall's Water Shield drowns his attackers.
  8. Thrall doesn't use Far Sight.  He just knows...
  9. Thrall is the father of the Worgen.  He had sex with a human while still in Ghost Wolf form.
  10. Before Lava Burst was a spell, Thrall threw molten rock at his targets.
  11. Thrall's Earth Elemental is Blackrock Mountain.
  12. Thrall's Searing Totem summons Jaina.
  13. If Thrall heals you and procs Earthliving, it sends you underground, where you are doomed to live the rest of your life.
  14. Thrall's totems are actually Resto Druids he jammed in the ground and fingerpainted.
  15. Thrall uses Riptide as an offensive spell instead of as a healing spell.  It floods his targets lungs until they suffocate and die.
  16. Thrall's Sentry Totem watches you masturbate.  (Need to edit the ceiling cat image to reflect this)
  17. Thrall used a dark portal to travel to ancient Egypt, where he was known as Moses.
  18. Thrall proc'd Windfury once, he's still waiting for the Maelstrom to die down.