Monday, March 1, 2010

Long Time no Blog

Many things have happened recently.   Hmmm....

I'm getting a pay raise at Sylvan.  I'll be finding out tomorrow how much it will be worth.  I went into my supervisor's office and just asked for it.  S seemed somewhat astonished when she learned what I was being paid now, and she commented that both she and the owner have noticed how awesome I am (paraphrasing, of course).  So she was going to talk to the owner about how much my raise should be.  I can't wait to find out.

WoW.  I haven't played much recently.  Gryllz is only missing Consumption Junction and riding an Emerald Drake as part of Glory of the Hero.  So I'll be getting my Red Proto Drake very soon.  Too bad he's a druid and I won't be seeing it as often as I should.  Tauf is the character that I tend to collect vanity things on, so hopefully I can get him one soon.  Jainne (priest) got several upgrades today, and is turning into quite the healer.  Tauf (shaman) still needs several actual resto pieces.  Mostly, I'd say that he's lacking crit and MP5.  Spear (DK) is halfway through 79 and I'm lookin forward to getting him to 80 and experiencing Death Knight tanking.  I've been tanking the last half of the 70s so I'm very accustomed to how Death Knight tanking work, which means that I won't have that awkward, "What am I doing?" phase.  Four 80s, I disgust myself.

Stacraft 2 is still very fun.  I've been spending my time as Terran.  I still haven't figured out how to counter late-game Protoss heavy air.  Mothership+Carriers is ridiculously annoying to deal with.  It's bad enough to be assaulted by one Mothership, but after you survive the first attack and another one comes, it's hell.  I think that the Protoss should only be allowed one Mothership throughout the course of the game, and they need to use it wisely.

The fish are doing rather well.  Sometime this month we'll get a couple more for our tank.  It's only a 10 gallon tank so we can't get too many.