Monday, March 2, 2009

Totems of Note: UK, AN, and AK

Utgarde Keep

Like the Nexus, Utgarde Keep is pretty basic.  Use the same totems you always use.  Not even resistance totems will be that useful.  You should keep in mind that the runecasters will cast a dispelable magic shield, so watch out for that.  


This instance has a mechanic which comes up often, AOE poison.  Each of the bosses either has an AOE poison, or one of their adds has an AOE poison.  On Krik'thir the Gatewatcher, the group of adds on the left has an AOE poison, Hadronox casts an AOE poison, and the Venomancer on Anub'arak (Heroic only) cast an AOE poison.  I know what you're thinking, I should use Poison Cleansing Totem, and you're right.  The trick is that when you cast PCT, it immediately does a cleanse, so you can wait until the AOE poison happens and you can cleanse it immediately.  Bam.  Boom.  Done.


I hate this instance,  I just figured that I would go ahead and say that now.

The first section of the instance features AOE poison like Azjol-Nerub, this comes from the Nerubians on the early trash pulls.    There is also a disease before the first boss (depending on which way you go) but it's not that bad.  Speaking of the first boss, he's a tricky little bugger, but you just use your normal totems.  Just remember to kill the guardians to drop the shield.

On the way to the second boss, you have to go up to the platforms to click on the orbs.  The only thing that could be useful on those pulls could be some Frost Resistance Totem, but that's not going to help much.

Second boss, Prince Taldaram.  For this one, Fire Resist is good, and you won't miss the lack of a water totem.  

The trash after Taldaram is pretty rough, pulls need to be careful.  If I remember correctly, there is a fear effect in Jedoga Shadowseeker's area, so keep that Tremor Totem down.  It's just a shame that it got nerfed to its intended effect.

If you go to the left, on Heroic, Amanitar is there.  Nothing special here for totems.  Jedoga doesn't have any special totem needs either.  But Herald Volazj is cool.  Twice during the fight, he will do Insanity on the group.  Causing your teammates to turn against you.  If you're DPS, your job is to kill the insanity clones, and then when yours are killed you go help one of your group members finish off theirs.  To do this, you're going to have to finish off the healer of the group first, using Earth Shock to cancel the heals, and Magma totem to keep the healer busy.  Fire Nova Totem is useful if you have the stun talented into it.  If you're the healer, your job is to survive until someone can help you, use Eartbind Totem to keep them off of you, and Earth Shock to keep them from hurting you, and keep yourself healed.

I'm out.